Retro Trader


Retro Trader

This expert trades on price action. It does not use signals from indicators but creates a statistics-based custom channel for entry and exit of trades. Due to independence of indicators, the expert can be optimized for several currency pairs and trading times. Each trade position is protected by stop-loss, both hidden and visible.

– No martingale,

– No hedging,

– No grid.

Filters prevent or minimize potential losses in case of sudden price spikes.

The expert uses three different strategies within the same channel for entry and exit. Each opens only one trade at a time.

Basic Parameters

  • Channel_Setting = “**********Channel Setting****************”
  • long channel bars to analyse – amount of candle that are analyzed for opening of trades
  • long channel Middle – multiplier from the chanel middle line
  • 1st long channel tunnel – multiplier of the 1. channel tunnel
  • 2nd  long channel tunnel – multiplier of the 2. channel tunnel
  • 3nd long channel tunnel – multiplier of the 3. channel tunnel
  • short channel bars to analyse –   amount of candle that are used for filterst analyzing price spikes
  • short channel Middle – multiplier from the short chanel middle line
  • 1st short channel tunnel – multiplier of the 1. short channel tunnel
  • 2nd short channel tunnel  – multiplier of the 2. short channel tunnel
  • 3nd short channel tunnel  – multiplier of the 3. short channel tunnel
  • incline devation security paramater – incline-deviation of long and short price channel from which on no further trades will be opened
  • Strategy_1 = “**********Strategy 1 input****************”
  • UseStrategy_1 – use strategy
  • MAGICMA1 – custom magic number(have to be unique number)
  • Lots – use lot size if money management is set to false
  • UseMM – use money management
  • MaximumRisk – Maximum Risk if money management is set to true
  • MaximumLotSize – Maximum LotSize
  • DecreaseLotSizeAfterXLosses – wheter or not to decrease trade sizes after losses
  • DecreaseFactor  – decrease by a factor of X
  • ClosingPrice_S1 – exit trade if price touch the long channel tunnel
  • input int StopLossInPoint – predefined stoploss (should be higher than hidden Stoploss)
  • Hidden StopLoss – hidden stoploss
  • Allowed Spread at StopLoss  – allowed spread at Hidden Stoploss (protect extrem floating spread of brooker)
  • Use dynamic takeProfit – use dynamic take profit, which is set on open trade according long price channel tunel
  • Classic TakeProfit in Point – take profit in points (if set 0 does not use take profit)
  • Custom Comment – custom comment
  • StartTradeHour – start trading at
  • StartTradeMinute – start trading at
  • EndTradeHour – end trading at
  • EndTradeMinute – end trading at
  • Strategy_2 = “**********Strategy 2 input****************”
  • – input parameter for startegy 2 are same as strategy 1. Only trade entry level are different and can set aother exit startegy to profit maximize.
  • Strategy_3 = “**********Strategy 3 input****************”
  • – input parameter for startegy 3 are same as strategy 1 and stretegy 2. Only trade entry level are different and can set aother exit startegy to profit maximize.
  • General_Setting = “**********General Setting****************”;
  • DST_offset – broker is on Daylight Savings Time
  • Slippage – allowed slippage
  • Maximum allowed spread – maximum allowed spread
  • GMTOffsetForTesting – GMT offset – for backtesting only
  • FastBacktesting – does not use screen info to enable fast backtesting
ECN and 5-digit broker recommended, but not required.

Win trades in % retro classic

Win Trades in % retro scalping

Cumulative profit classic

Cumulative profit retro scalping

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An excellent Nachtscalper. For some time in use, and if you follow the rules and bad news as Italy omits referendum, you can only win. Yesterday alone 13 trades in a very short time and won everything. Full 5 star, actually 10, if it were set Also Ugur is a super nice person and he helps with all questions, problems or setting things. Is always to achieve at short notice.
Conclusion: great Scalper, great Developers, All right

Marcus Kalipke

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